Monday, July 12, 2010

Patterns and Purses

We went to Ollie's Outlet Store on July 5th, and I got a book called "The Colour Book Of Felted Crochet". It has over 25 projects, that you make with wool yarn, then felt it. It also teaches you the basic crochet stitches, and some fancy ones as well. One of the fancy stitches is called the "Fan Stitch", which is what I used to make the purses. I made up the pattern as I went along.

Here is the pattern:

You will need:
5.5o mm crochet hook
2 colours of yarn (This doesn't take much yarn)

For the purse:

Ch. 40. Work 4 rows of fan st. using col. A. Chg. to col B. Work 2 rows of fan st. using col. B. Chg. back to col. A. Work 3 rows of fan st. using col. A. Finish off.
Fold in half. Start in corner and sc. both edges together along the bottom and up the side. Do NOT finish it off yet. Ch. 50. Attach ch. to other side (this is the handle/strap). If you want to decorate a bit more, you can weave a piece of yarn around the top edge on either side and tie the ends in bows on either end.

For the change-purse:

Using col. B, Ch. 11. Starting in second ch from hook, *sc across (10 sc in all). ch one*. Rep from *to* ten times, not chaining one the last time. Finish off. Do this twice. Using col. A attach the 2 squares you just made by sc on two sides and the bottom. There ya go! If the instructions aren't clear, or you have any questions, just leave a comment :-)


sc-single crochet



  1. So adorable Ada! Great Job!

  2. Hello Ada! I saw your post for this pattern on and followed the link to your blog. It is SO cute. I want to make several for Christmas. I've made one, but it didn't turn out like yours. It looks adorable, but it wasn't square like yours across the top... I'm thinking maybe I did too many DC's in my fan stitches? I've heard standard is 7 DC for a fan stitch, but everything I've found also says to do however many are called for in the pattern, so I thought I would just ask how many you used, and maybe that will fix my problem. lol Thanks! Best wishes!

  3. Hi! Glad you liked the pattern. The instructions I have for the fan stitch says 5 DC's for the fan stitch. Maybe that will help! Have fun!

  4. ..on the change purse, you just need to sc all over it so that it would be sewn together?

  5. Yes, sc on the sides and bottom to join the squares together. :-)