Saturday, July 10, 2010

Of Blankets and Head-bands

At the Young Ladies Meeting (YLM), the crochet lesson was a pillow. We were going to make eight of the squares with flowers on them, so that's four on each side of the pillow. Well, I decided to turn mine into a blanket, making 56 flowered squares, and 56 granny squares, so, that's 112 in all. For one blanket. I'm making two. These blankets will be twin sized. I have a bunk-bed, so I have two twin beds. That's why I'm making two blankets. I have around 15 flowered squares done, and 3 granny squares done. I've a long way to go!

Of course, I can't just work on the blanket non-stop, so I do a couple other projects in between.
The picture on the left is a white head-band. The picture on the right is some flowers I made to pin on the head-band. This way, it matches pretty much everything.

That's it for now! Tomorrow I'll post about the little purses I made for my 3-year-old twin cousins, the cutest kids on the planet.


Edit: When I said "Tomorrow" in the last sentence, I wasn't thinking it was Sunday, and that it was the first day of Tent Meetings at our church, so we were gone all afternoon. Anyway, I didn't post. So I am posting today (Monday) instead. Sorry 'bout that!

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