Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Cassidy Belt

Hey, everyone!

I got a shirt for my birthday that was really cute, but really needed a belt. I was inspired by this belt designed by Edie Eckman. But since it was way out of my budget, and I wanted to wear it in two days, I designed my own belt.

cassidybeltblack cassidybeltbrown

I made a black one, and a brown one.

The Cassidy Belt Crochet Pattern

Hook size: I/9                Worsted weight yarn

Stitches used: Single and Double Crochet, Reverse Single Crochet {abbreviated rvsc}

Begin by chaining enough to fit nicely around your waist, { if it’s an even number, add or subtract one chain, this way you will have an extra stitch to put the last sc in row 2.} plus three.     


Row 1: {Working in back loops for this row only} Dc in fourth chain from hook and in ea. st. across

Row 2: *2 sc, chain 2, skip next 2 sc* across, end with sc in top of ch 3

Row 3: Ch 3, dc in ea. st. across

Edging: Rvsc in each st. across top, rvsc 5 sts evenly down the side, rvsc in unworked loops in bottom of foundation ch, rvsc 5 sts evenly up the other side.

Fasten off, weave in ends.


I double-stranded the yarn for the tie to make it thicker.

Ch about the same amount as for the foundation ch on the belt, plus 20 or so extra, depending on how long you want the ties to hang down.


Weave tie through the belt in the center row between sc’s and ch’s.

Have fun!


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